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Norvergence: Why Farmers Are Protesting in India?

Norvergence: Countless farmers, most of them Sikh and Jaat and from the northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana, have been challenging the farmer laws, introduced since the start of September.

Source - Al Jazeera

The farmers started their fights in their states yet in late November they walked or drove their tractors to the edges of Delhi. Here they set up three rambling dissent camps, in the zones of Singhu, Ghazipur and Tikri.

Norvergence: The farmers fabricated tents and homes in their heavy transports, set up kitchens, shops and libraries, and have pledged not to move until the farm laws are revoked.

Source - The Hindu

Norvergence: The farmers, who are driven by efficient associations, have likewise said they will extend the fights from one side of the country to the other and have arranged a progression of meetings across the nation in the coming weeks.

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