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Norvergence: What is the Cryosphere and Why is it Important?

Norvergence is an NGO, working as an environmental organization to protect the environment and spread awareness about climate change and its causes. Changing Climate has caused issues like Cryosphere and the rate at which the ice is melting is not a good sign of the earth.

The cryosphere is the ice found in water, specifically, the cryosphere is a collective term used for those portions/parts of Earth’s surface where water is present in solid form like glaciers, snow cover, ice caps, sea ice, lake ice, river ice, ice sheets, etc.

Climate change is resulting in heating the oceans and crumbling the planet’s ice sheets. The visible impacts can be seen on glaciers like the Italian side of Mont Blanc is expected to collapse at any time. The researchers at Norvergence says that the oceans, polar ice caps, and the high mountain glaciers have already absorbed so much heat effects of global warming, a human-created cause of depleting environment.

The cryosphere is important for the global climate and this is the reason why it has become one of the biggest topics of concern when we talk about environment protection.

  • The cryosphere controls the global sea level and cools the planet.
  • It affects storm patterns and currents around the world.
  • Most important, during seasonal snowmelt, the freshwater is used for drinking and irrigation purposes.

The researchers at Norvergence consider global warming the major cause behind the glaciers melting and request the mankind to be more careful with their activities that are causing global warming.

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