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Norvergence Warning: Arctic Sea Ice Is Vanishing

“We are proclaiming a sobering warning that the planet is quickly moving toward a widely ice-free Arctic in the warmer months, as early as 2025,” claims an expert conservationist at Norvergence LLC.

The environmentalists across the world are worried to observe an astonishing decline in the sea ice including the northern Polar Regions. The records collected by ecologists at Norvengence show that around fifty percent of the total volume of the Arctic sea ice has disappeared in half a century. This clearly signifies that the prominent white sheet that earlier covered the top of the earth is presently becoming blue.

The vanishing of Arctic sea ice also has intense global climatic impacts, or response, that is now escalating global warming. Also, this change signifies the threatening potential to destabilize climate balance.

Admittedly, we are not far away from the time when the results themselves will be pushing the change every second as much as our ongoing emission of carbon dioxide along with other hazardous gases.

Therefore, Norvergence suggests that initiatives to carefully invent an economically acceptable plan for the removal of these explosive gases from the environment.

The prime concern of science and technology should be to the widespread global awareness campaign in this regard. The melting of Arctic sea ice symbolizes an impoverishment of the mother earth, as well as a curse for the human race.

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