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Norvergence: The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in South Asia

Forestry and agriculture are the main economic activities done by the majority of the population of countries of South Asia. The survey conducted by the team Norvergence, an environmental advocacy NGO shows that approximately 64 percent of the population in South Asian countries depends directly or indirectly on agriculture.

Climate change has also affected the productivity level of the South Asian countries. Climate impacts like floods, droughts, sea-level rise & salt intrusion, increased frequency and intensity of storms, and pests plus the water scarcity continue to reduce the yield of crops and threaten the food security of farmers.

These effects of climate change have resulted in crop failure in many rural areas of the region. The challenge here is to secure food for the growing population of South Asian countries from the threats of climate change.

The visible impact of crop failure is the increase in the prices of the food items due to crop failure and increasing demand for food items. The environmentalists at Norvergence feel that it will take a long time to control the side effects of climate change but we can the government can educate and support the farmers to fight with the cause and effects of climate change.

The burden to adapt to the changing climatic conditions should not be put on the farmers alone but the governments of the South Asian countries should support the farmers and find a way out to for the agricultural-related problems.

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