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Norvergence: New Year’s Resolutions on Climate Change

The New Year is the perfect time to set some rules or you can say make some resolutions to be followed or achieved in the New Year. Making New Year resolutions is common but making a resolution on climate change is a new and appreciated thing to do on this New Year is what the Norvergence group believes. 

Each year we plan to change something with ours or some bad habits that we dislike about us and of others. So let’s include a resolution on climate change in our resolution list for this New Year and work together to protect the environment and reduce the harmful effects of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

This new year let’s be more protected towards our environment and its resources. Not much is needed just some baby steps will do like the switch to rooftop solar, join the climate council, help reduce emissions from transport, avoid wastage of edible items, etc.

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