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Norvergence LLC: Why U.S. healthcare system failed amid Coronavirus

The experts at Norvergence LLC have raised their concerns about the failing U.S. healthcare system amidst COVID 19 pandemic. Government officials are racing against time to limit the seriousness and the further spread of the disease. Stringent laws and basic elements of the U.S. healthcare system have put forward new difficulties for people to get even the most basic healthcare services making the situation worse.

The US states are experiencing the impact of coronavirus. The economy has been hit hard and it has become difficult to afford medical services under such circumstances.”

With 8,219,088 cases of coronavirus in the U.S. and the widespread availability of coronavirus testing kits, the hierarchy of the U.S. healthcare system is making the scenario even more complicated.

Potential Reasons

After reading various news pieces and articles, the expert scientists at Norvergence have stated that the reason why the U.S. healthcare system failed. The fact that even to get tested for COVID 19, people have to spend a considerable amount. However, the cost associated with the test for the medicare patients will be covered by the government. The cost of the tests to be conducted at private centers remains unclear for the public.

The high cost associated with the coronavirus test in the U.S. is a major cause of concern followed by the expenses owing to the treatment in case tested positive. Also, the lack of availability of the testing kits has raised concerns in comparison to the rising number of cases.

Another potential reason stating the flaw in the U.S. healthcare system is that the tests have been delivering false results. Due to this, the number of cases grew considerably and the government had to re-conduct all tests. This has also hampered the pace of conducting tests for the masses. The regulatory boundations are also contributing to this hindered assessment.

In Conclusion,

Norvergence LLC has highlighted the importance of practicing social distancing and taking all possible precautionary measures to limit the exposure to the lethal disease. The U.S. healthcare system should take steps and devise plans that make conducting tests for coronavirus and seeking proper treatment affordable and convenient.

Even at commercial centers, the expenses related to getting tested should be monitored. The regulatory norms related to the pandemic should be relaxed to favor the general public.


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