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Norvergence LLC – The Facts That You Must Know About Tree Plantation With Relation To Climate Change

Tree plantation is generally associated with the activity to reduce the effect of climate change and somehow it has become a frequently organized event. Researchers at Norvergence have raised a question for the people engaged with tree plantation activity that “Should tree plantation be the first priority or reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the first priority to fight climate change?”


The reality is that we need to control greenhouse gas emission which contributes the maximum towards climate change and global warming. The other side of the coin also supports tree plantation as it helps in cleaning the atmosphere and making the air clean to breathe.

The facts that you must know about tree plantation when you plan it with respect to climate change issues:

  • Tree plantation is necessary but we need to keep in mind which tree will survive in that particular atmosphere and what are the chances of its survival.
  • Reports show that a huge amount of tree dies the very next week when they were planted just because the technique to plant the tree was wrong or the environment does not support the plant type.
  • The common issue with tree plantation is a lack of knowledge about the plant and the environment it is being planted.
  • The major issue that contributes to climate change is the emission of greenhouse gases and you first need to come up with an action plan that can help in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It is not important and not recommended to plan more than 15 trees in the same area as the survival rate reduces in such a condition.

The environmentalists at Norvergence have come up with a new slogan to support this issue and spread awareness about it “Plant less but care more.” Tree plantation is a good cause and it can be effective if you have proper knowledge about it and have the right stats about the needs and requirements of this activity.

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