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List of Interdecadal Climate Change Reports

Norvergence INC is a broad spectrum in which our environmental experts have analyzed and then created a summary of climate change in different countries. With years of observation, the team has combined various present facts and figures with some past studies conducted by prestigious institutions across the globe.

The pervasive climatic conditions in the Netherlands have just negatively affected the characteristic eco-framework and the common living space of numerous species. These climatic conditions brought about expanded recurrence of floods, corrosive downpour, rapidly spreading fire, and obliteration of the character just as the man-made natural surroundings.

The atmosphere of Nauru can be depicted as a run of the mill warm, tropical atmosphere with two unique seasons. The dry seasons are between December and start February and from June to mid-September; the stormy seasons last from February to the end of May, and from September to the end of November. Temperatures extend between 26-32°C all year, with the water temperature sitting on an agreeable all year 28-29°C.