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Norvergence: Countries Agree To Restrict the Shipments of Plastic Waste into Developing Countries

Earlier, Norvergence reported that the developing countries have inadequate solid waste management and the situation gets worse when contaminated and recyclable plastic waste from other countries shipped there.

But on May 10, More than 180 countries have agreed in Geneva to do amendments in the Basel Convention i.e. to include plastic scrap in it.

Image Source: DW

Norvergence analyzed the amendment and found out that now the exporters must have to obtain the permission of governments of receiving countries before shipping unrecyclable plastic waste.

Norvergence quoted the statement from Gaia (the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternative), “Villages in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand have been filed with the plastic waste coming from the United States of America.”

Norvergence: What is the Basel Convention?

Video Source: Newsy

In 1992, an international treaty was signed by the 18 countries and the European Union. According to which, measures should be taken to reduce the movements or transfer of hazardous waste from developed to less developed countries.

The countries that didn’t sign the treaty are, “Grenada, Haiti, South Sudan, Solomon Islands, etc.

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