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Norvergence: Coronavirus and the Energy Sector

Norvergence: Researchers and specialists around the world concur that to alleviate the consequences of environmental change, the world must progress to a 100 percent clean future fueled by clean vitality sources at the earliest.

Norvergence: Presently, with the quick spread of COVID-19 the country is leading to notable wellbeing and financial emergency, the sustainable power source industry at the core of this change is experiencing a similar vulnerability and looming work misfortunes like different segments.

Norvergence: Since getting to work, President Donald Trump and his group have found a way to stifle the development of the renewables business: A Center for American Progress Action Fund examination finds that the Trump organization’s arrangements have prompted the misfortune or concealment of in excess of 600,000 occupations in the sustainable power source area.

Norvergence: Importantly, this examination doesn’t represent the critical interruptions that COVID-19 has and will cause in the business—a hazard that the organization has so far not paid attention to.

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