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Norvergence: Climate change effects on Syria’s civil war

Norvergence: Climate change effects on Syria’s civil war

The Norvergence team conducted research to study the climatic condition of Syria by digging into the reasons and patterns of climate change. The research aimed at bringing forward the other reasons like the drought in Syria which added to the conflict in the country.

Earlier the research and reports pointed towards factors like socio-political tensions, religious tensions, bad condition of the economy, and other political changes that swept the middle-East.

But, now after analyzing so many angles of the 2nd deadliest war of the 21st century, many experts and researchers have come up with one major factor which played a significant role in the Syrian civil war.

Norvergence global warming

The researchers have brought the drought conditions in the limelight which intensified Syrians anger against their own government.

Let’s read the full article on “climate change fueled Syria’s civil war” published by Norvergence describing the climatic conditions in Syria and what other experts have to say about the correlation of the war with climate change.

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