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Norvergence: All You Need To Know About The Amazon Rainforest and Deforestation

Amazon forest is the biggest rainforest, larger than the rainforests in the Congo Basin and Indonesia. Whereas the studies show that the estimated tree species in the forest are nearly around 16,000 and it has more than 390 billion individual trees.


The team Norvergence also conducted research a few years back on the variety of trees that are found in the forest with respect to their survival rate and climatic conditions. Being the largest the Amazon forest is part of almost all the research and studies related to deforestation and other research topics connected with trees and species. 

The Amazon rainforest is also a topic of concern because of the wildfire cases related to the forest. The recent wildfire case was reported on 15th August 2019 which made the environmentalists, government, and NGOs like Norvergence act to protect the forest.

There are two major factors that have caused damage to the Amazon forest which are:

Norvergence_The Controversial Amazon Terminal

Increasing agricultural activities

The increasing agricultural activities like growing crops, especially soybeans and cattle grazing are the reasons for deforestation and wildfire. All the reports related to fire points the factor that most of the fire origin spots are near the agriculture and pasture areas that have already been cleared.

The allegations of deforestation are not new in the case of the Amazon forest. The most controversial highway built in the amazon valley is one big reason for deforestation in the area. The second reason for deforestation is the increased agricultural and grazing activities in the Amazon forest. The government is also blamed for the careless attitude towards the issue as no action is taken by the government to protect the forest from fire and deforestation.

Norvergence_The Connection between Jair Bolsanaro and Blackstone

The research at Norvergence says that the fire in the Amazon forest is a consequence of deforestation in the region. There are chances that the mining, timber and development firms may also plan to expand in this region after being encouraged by the Bolsonaro’s election. The Amazon forest needs protection and now the international organizations should step in to save the forest from further destruction and disturbance.

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