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Norvergence: 2020- From the Eyes of Nature

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Norvergence: Enticing as it could be to call 2020 a dumpster fire (and many, many have), there’s no compelling reason to fall back on banality in a year when the world in a real sense consumed. There were such countless tempests, we ran out of names for them.

Temperatures hit record highs, Arctic ice close record lows. Also, the pandemic — established in people’s damaging relationship with nature — finished the existences of more than 1.7 million individuals. Add police killings, racial change, a monetary emergency and the wearisome U.S. political race, and a dumpster fire appears to be an insufficient, practically interesting allegory.

Norvergence: The planet didn’t chalk up a lot of wins in 2020. Indeed, even the vehicle free roads and exhaust cloud-free skies in urban areas like Los Angeles and New Delhi during lockdown spoke to yet a blip in the worldwide walk toward temperature climbs of multiple degrees Celsius.

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Norvergence: In any case, peer over your veil and squint through the smoke, and you can gain out weak blueprints of ground. Notwithstanding the destruction of COVID-19, there were some significant strides to improve the Earth’s critical quandary.

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