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Norvergence: 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster

The Bhopal Gas Disaster became the worst industrial accident in the history of the world. The environmentalist at Norvergence feels that this incident is a reminder of all the industries to be more careful and alert with the safety measures when dealing with such dangerous gases.

The company had to pay $470 million in compensation, is considered worthless in front of the human loss caused by it. This disaster raised a question environment safety and indicates a need for enforcing international standards for environmental safety, strategies for preventing so that such similar accidents and industrial disasters can be avoided.

The Bhopal gas tragedy that happened on 3rd December 1984 took the lives of more than 3,787 people and left many suffering. 40 tons of methyl isocyanate gas leaked from a pesticide plant in Bhopal. The management of the company said that the leakage was noticed by the workers in the plant but before any action could be planned the situation went out of control. Whereas the reality is that the company was facing a huge loss as there was a major drop in the purchase of pesticides as in the 1980s there was a situation of crop failure. The company tried to sell off the plan and went very ignorant with the maintenance activities. But researchers say that there were many other causes behind the Bhopal gas disaster.

The toxic gas was so dangerous that within a few hours of the leakage the hospitals were filled with patients complaining about dizziness, breathlessness, skin irritation, rashes and savior cases like sudden blindness. It was difficult for the doctors to detect the cause of this sudden illness and nor were they prepared with the required medical treatment. Within a few hours, there were thousands of dead bodies in the streets of Bhopal, people were helpless and pleaded for help till their last breath.

The gas caused internal hemorrhage, pneumonia, and death. The environmentalists at Norvergence feel that there is still a need for strong industrial policies that provide proper rules and guidelines for environmental safety. The government should make better policies for pesticide industries as still, more than 22,000 people die every year because of pesticide poisoning.

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