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Green Business Fundamentals for Prospective Ecopreneurs

Do you have a great idea for a business that is also focused on sustainability or ecological responsibility? If so, consider joining the ranks of other visionary ecopreneurs who are using their business skills to build a new, more socially and environmentally conscious future. 

Being an ecopreneur is about more than just trying to reduce a company’s carbon footprint or improving its environmental practices, however. It’s about seeking solutions to both communal and global problems through innovative business strategies.

Norvergence provides the fundamentals you need to know if you’re considering embarking on the exciting journey of ecopreneurship.


What are the basic principles of green business?

Entrepreneurs motivated to launch environmentally conscious, or “green” business ventures should be aware of certain principles relevant to business and their relationship to interlocking ecosystems.

  • A green business emphasizes sustainability — meaning it implements methods that can be reasonably repeated and depends on materials and resources that are renewable and not in danger of depletion.
  • These businesses promote justice, work for solutions available for all and respect equity, diversity, and inclusivity.
  • Ecologically responsible businesses prioritize the health of the planet, taking care not to disrupt or damage ecosystems.
  • As an ecopreneur, the principle of human dignity will also be foremost as you work for greater health and human flourishing on both a micro and a macro level.
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What resources exist to help support and finance ecopreneurs?

Prospective entrepreneurs interested in green business principles should try to support organizations geared explicitly toward promoting those principles through business and innovation.

  • Look for grants that can help fund your business. The Laudes Foundation can point you toward some of these.
  • Seek out training in ecopreneurship and green business management. The Green Business Bureau can guide you as you seek to implement more sustainable initiatives.
  • Looking for more personal ongoing support as you embark on your new ecopreneurship career? Consider consulting with a green mentor.
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What steps are necessary for starting a sustainable business?

The basics that go into starting a green business are essentially the same as those involved in launching any company.

  • Do market research to make sure your business idea is viable and to determine your target demographic.
  • You will need to secure funding for your business and write up a comprehensive budget.
  • Entrepreneurs should always write up an extensive business plan, especially if they hope to interest investors. Try to craft your business plan with sustainable principles in mind.
  • Make sure you register your company as a legal entity. Many business owners prefer to form an LLC for better liability protection and potential tax savings.
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Starting an ecologically sustainable business is an exciting project. It can be gratifying to put your managerial and entrepreneurial skills into practice and know you are helping work for a greener, happier world. 

Connect with other ecologically-minded entrepreneurs and read up more about what ecopreneurship is about to see whether this career path is right for you. 

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