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This website is just a small step to gather all of us under one umbrella of “Sustainable Development”. On Norvergence, you will find literature about climate change that is not only focused on analytical data but also on various methodologies. The website also covers the sequence of events such as GHG emissions, Carbon Dioxide concentrations, and the occurrence of both onset and hydro-meteorological phenomenon. Through this website, Norvergence tries to build a platform where an individual can find any relevant information or statistics about climate change, global warming, melting of sea ice, etc. The team Norvergence also works for solving these environmental issues and spread awareness about how can we make our world sustainable and contribute to the cause of environment protection.In this website, you will find information related to the current environmental issues and their impact on humans and wildlife. You will find all the important information about the amendment of rules by the government, change in any environmental policies, protests, Court orders, and the environment acts that exist in different countries related to the environment.The website also includes various interviews that the team Norvergence conducted with the world leaders and famous environmentalists. The learning and takeaways from these interviews are also shared on this website.

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Norvergence website is an open platform for all, any volunteer or any information about the environmental issues can be shared with us in the form of feedback. The team Norvergence will connect with you and will make sure your voice is being heard.The team Norvergence pledge to protect the environment and spread the word of the sustainable environment so that our future generation is proud of us for the efforts we made to gift them a better world with less environmental issues.Without further ado, let’s start this beautiful environment journey full of love, compassion, and justice. Norvergence is a brainchild of a group of ecologists, nature lovers, and local volunteers. The NFO concentrates largely on environmental justice and sustainable development. Our works examine the relationship between humans and the environment concentrating not only on the impact of humans on the environment but also on the effects of globalization on the planet.

Norvergence was started as a local group advocating environmental justice and nature conservation But, now it represents the response to the global call for a movement of supporting people. Also, Norvergence has a specifically designed internship program for students so it can contribute to the education of future generations that will continue to fight for sustainable development

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Norvergence is a brainchild of a group of ecologists, nature lovers, and local volunteers who are at a mission to bring a change in the mindset of society. We believe that practical solutions to environment-related problems can only be possible if we get emotionally attached to our mother nature. Yes, only then we can feel the sufferings of our planet occurring because of activities conducted by humans in the name of innovation and development.

Objectives of Norvergence are to:

  • Publish research papers, reports, case studies, journals in many different languages to establish a connection with readers across the globe.
  • Create awareness regarding global warming, environmental degradation, health crisis, social issues, etc.
  • Promote research and actions taken by individuals or groups living in different parts of the world.
  • In-depth evaluation of various government reports, journals, and scientific data related to the environment.
  • Production and distribution of environment-related education materials among students.

The team Norvergence is working for environmental protection by digging into the root causes of environmental issues. The team does not immediately takes action or conduct any activity related to it. The first step when we start working on any environment issue is to know about the legal aspects, dig into its history, go through reports and research related to the issue, talk to experts about it and then plan further actions.
Spreading awareness about environmental issues is one of the most frequent activities performed by the team. Articles and blogs are published on the website related to environmental issues after covering all the aspects from the latest news to all the research reports submitted by the experts.
The team Norvergence pays extra attention to the ideas of the members of the NGO and the amendments in different countries related to sustainability. These ideas are then promoted by the teams in the form of activities conducted by the team members to set an example and to motivate the locals to put in more effort and try the sustainable way of living.

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